what are local birds doing?

  • Golden Whistler


    A cousin of the resident Rufous Whistler this bird spends the winter months in the warmer latutudes of central Queensland. It feeds on insects and prefers thick forested areas. The male (picture) has a brilliant yellow body, black head and white throat while the female is quite plain with a grey body and a small patch of yellow under the tail..

  • Scarlet Honeyeater


    Scarlet Honeyeater

    With its spectacular red colouring the Scarlet Honeyeater adds a splash of vibrant colour to our dry winter months. It feeds high up in the canopy but sometimes comes down to a calistemon flower in the garden..



    sharp tailed sandpiper

    The Sharp-tailed Sandpiper is one of the migratory shorebirds that travel half way around the world to get away from the cold northern winter and spend a few months feeding in the Australian summer, Some stay over during the Australian winter.